• 3-5 Years




  • Writing scalable backend applications in Python.
  • Developing REST services using any Python Web Framework.
  • Knowledge of SQL preferably PostgreSQL.
  • Coordinating with Front-end Team.

Skills Required

  • Expertise of Python Web Frameworks especially Flask, Flask-Rest- Framework.
  • Hands on with Pandas, Numpy and other SciPy Packages.
  • Experience in Frameworks like SQLAlchemy.
  • Knowledge of Python Webservers like Gunicorn, Toranado etc.
  • Writing Python Scripts to Automate Tasks.
  • Familiarity with Microservices Architecture, Docker is Highly preferred.
  • Knowledge of writing C extensions for Python is good to have.
  • Skill in Kafka, Redis is good to have.


  • Graduate/ Post Graduate (Journalism /Mass Com / Media Comm)


  • Your home location should be Pune (Maharashtra, India) – City limits (Strictly)
  • Work from home to begin with
  • Work from office (Bund Garden, Pune), when office re-opens


  • This is a direct job with Resilinc (India)
  • Fluidonomics is hiring partner for Resilinc
  • More about Resilinc at www.resilinc.com

About Resilinc

Resilinc is the industry leading provider of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) solutions for the extended supply chain. Resilinc’s solutions deliver supply chain visibility, sophisticated risk analytics and robust strategies to mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions. Our unique and innovative SaaS technology products deliver the leading end-to-end solution that address the fundamental problem of improving supply chain visibility through multiple tiers and fosters collaboration between ecosystem partners. Our information and analytics platform enables customers to proactively monitor their supply chain for critical exposures to global regions and work collaboratively with suppliers on risk mitigation and crisis response.

To join us send your resume to hr@fluidonomics.com